'Married at First Sight' season 4 spoilers: Tom Wilson and Lillian Vilchez take relationship to a new level in episode 5


Last week on “Married at First Sight,” all three couples went on their respective honeymoons, and none of them got intimate on their wedding night.

Lillian Vilchez said that she had a lot in common with new husband Tom Wilson, while Tom said that the chemistry between them was strong. While he did carry her over the threshold of their hotel room, the two did not get intimate.

Heather Seidel and Derek Schwartz had an awkward night together as Derek told cameras that he definitely felt something for his bride. However, Heather told cameras that she had no intentions of sleeping with Derek on their wedding night, and the two ended up snuggling instead. Meanwhile, Sonia Granados refused to let Nick Pendergrast carry her over the threshold, and the two ended up drinking a bottle of whiskey while they sat on opposite sides of a couch.

The following day, the couples headed to brunch with their respective families before flying out of the country for their honeymoon. Lillian and Tom went to Jamaica, Heather and Derek headed to Puerto Rico, while Nick and Sonia went to the Dominican Republic.

Tom was trying to find a way to tell Lillian that he lives in a bus and that this living arrangement has caused a lot of trouble with him and other women in the past. Unfortunately, the opportunity to tell her about their living arrangement didn’t present itself on the first day of their honeymoon. As for Heather, she was troubled by Derek’s smoking, as she told cameras that his was a deal breaker for her.

The honeymoons continue this week, and it looks like one couple will have some progress when it comes to their relationship, while another pair will encounter some difficulties.

In the episode, Tom and Lillian take their relationship to a new level, while Sonia misinterprets Nick’s intentions. Elsewhere in the episode, Heather’s concerns about Derek come to the surface. In the second part of the honeymoon episode which will air next week, Tom and Lillian continue to grow closer, but Tom keeps back a secret. Nick and Sonia get competitive, while Heather and Derek experience new conflicts.

“Married at First Sight” airs Tuesdays on FYI.