'Married at First Sight' season 3 spoilers: One couple decides to stay together


After spending six weeks in the social experiment, one couple in “Married at First Sight” season 3 already called it quits in the previous episode. The other two couples are yet to reveal their decisions in the upcoming episode, but leaks already surfaced regarding their verdict.

In the previous episode, the first part of “Final Decision” showed that David Norton and Ashley Doherty opted to go their separate ways. This was not exactly shocking, as fans who have been following their story know how much the couple struggled in keeping their marriage intact.

Six months after the episode finale had been shot, Norton spoke to New York Post about their relationship. He believes that their main challenge in making the marriage work is the fact that Doherty was not attracted to him.

He said, “I tried to be patient and show her that there is more to a partner than looks, but for some reason, she couldn’t get past it.”

However, Norton admitted that he was not surprised by her decision. He elaborated, “I had a good feeling Ashley was leaning in that direction just based on the previous six weeks of her inability to open up and get past the fact that I wasn’t her typical guy. I was not surprised by her decision.”

Meanwhile, the other two couples are yet to reveal their decision in part two of “Final Decisions.” There are rumors that Neil Bowlus and Sam Role will also decide to divorce, after an accidental leak from Amazon Prime caused some fans to get a preview of the next episode. Spoilers reveal that although Bowlus wanted to continue their marriage, he wanted to get out of it more.

On the other hand, Vanessa Nelson and Tres Russel will decide to continue with their marriage. Out of the three couples, Nelson and Russel were the most optimistic, as they were putting their best effort to work on their differences and make their relationship thrive.

“Married at First Sight” season 3 will air the decisions of the remaining two couples on Mar. 1 at 9 P.M. EST on FYI.