Married at first sight season 3: Couples to work on their communication with the show's resident psychologist


Spoilers have it that with the upcoming episode of FYI’s experimental series “Married at First Sight” for season 3, viewers may see the cast members dealing with their own demons to presumably bring out the better versions of themselves.

According to TV Guide, with the help of psychologist Dr. Joseph Cilona, the three couples will talk about their marital problems and try to come up with solutions for them. Titled “Breaking Down Barriers,” the synopsis for the episode reads, “The couples work on communication with Dr. Joseph Cilona. Also, Neil struggles with Samantha’s living arrangements; Vanessa has trouble with a fear of; and Ashley reveals her true feelings to David.

In the upcoming installment, it is predicted that Ashley Doherty will share her true feelings with husband David Norton and their apparent lack of intimacy. She previously admitted during her wedding day that she is not physically attracted to her husband.

After talking to sexologist Dr. Logan Leykoff in order to address their intimacy issue, the 29-year-old Norton made a move on his wife, but it seemed like she may not be ready yet when she rejected him and offered her cheek instead. It remains to be seen how the two will come around their dilemma.

Meanwhile, Neil Bowlus and Sam Role have agreed that they did not like their new house and even described it as a bit odd. The couple is planning to move back to Role’s house temporarily, with Bowlus adjusting to the situation.

Vanessa Nelson and Tres Russell who consummated their marriage in the previous episode will continue dealing with the problem of using a mutual bathroom in the house. Moreover, Nelson’s abandonment issue from her dad in the past will also be highlighted.

Episode 9 of seaso3e is slated to air on Tuesday, Jan. 19 at 9 P.M. EST.