'Married at First Sight' season 3 updates: Couples tie the knot, viewers predict outcome, reports authenticity surface


“Married at First Sight” season 3 featured the weddings of the three couples in its previous episode.

Already at the third run of the social experiment, the show matched up Vanessa Nelson to Tres Russell, Samantha Role to Neil Bowlus, and Ashley Doherty to David Norton, where the three couples tied the knot in episode 2. However, viewers are already speculating on the fate of the three couples, especially after most of the brides showed reservations during the ceremony.

Vanessa and Tres may have the highest odds in staying together as a married couple, as they had an “instant spark or connection,” according to Zap2it. Additionally, Vanessa told the report that their family also got along very well. She elaborated “There was definitely an instant attraction. I think we both felt comfortable with each other. It did feel great to have his family be excited and congratulating us and giving us well-wishes. I loved his family from the very beginning.”

On the other hand, David and Ashley had awkward moments as Ashley felt uncomfortable with the stranger in front of her. She even refused to kiss David when they were announced married and even during the reception. However, David did his best to ease Ashley and dealt with her in a gentlemanly way. Ashley seems to begin looking at her husband in a different light, and if David continues to be considerate, the couple may just have better times ahead of them despite the uncomfortable start.

As for Sam and Neil, the couple tried to put a brave front in their decision as they try to envelop the matter in humor, especially Sam. However, she seems to be already regretting her decision as she admitted to the camera that she married a complete stranger and made the biggest mistake of her life.

Meanwhile, Starcasm reports that a woman, who claims to be David’s mother, revealed that the entire set up is just for the money, “If they break secrecy then they don’t get paid and they would be out $100K.” Another person also revealed that David is a known “con man” in Atlanta and has several financial troubles with people and the law. The same person said that he and Ashley are already divorced and only joined the show for money. Additionally, Starcasm reported that Tres has been complaining about the pair up the entire time as she only dates white women, while none have been reported about Sam and Neil at the moment. Nonetheless, these rumors should also be taken with a grain of salt as it is uncertain whether these posts are true or not.

“Married at First Sight” season 3 airs Tuesdays on FYI.