‘Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’ beginner’s guide: How to get miles ahead of the competition

A promotional image for "Mario Kart 8 Deluxe." (Facebook/MarioKartEN)

With “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe” finally out, players are looking for anything that will give them the slightest of edges.

Launched last April 28 for Nintendo’s flagship console Switch, it is but normal for players to get acquainted with the game’s dynamics using the new Joy-Con controllers. Thankfully, helpful guides and tips have started to circulate online, which could give karters a huge head start.

To start things off, “Turbo Start” is a technique that should be mastered by anyone who wishes to excel in the game, according to a report from Pocket Gamer. To pull off the trick, players should wait until the count of “2” appears on the screen. They should wait for the said signal, together with the beeping sound, before hitting the accelerator. Doing so will push the kart forward in a spot near the top positions.

Another useful tip is “power-sliding” or “drifting,” which will give that extra boost needed to leave the opponents behind. Before entering a corner, players should hit and hold the right trigger button while adjusting the angle of the corner using the left stick. In addition, holding a power slide longer will translate to a higher boost level. This is also perfect for players who are trailing the rest of the pack.

Bananas and shells still make an appearance in the game. Players must learn how and when to use them to their advantage. The Pocket Gamer report suggested that a player can release both the red and green shells until their target is already in front of them. They could also use it when there’s an unbroken straight. As for the bananas, they should wait for the narrow portion of the track or until they hit some item boxes to make the most damage possible.

Meanwhile, Polygon suggested that players should go for the shortcuts only if they can hit them consistently. An example is the final corner in Cloudtop Cruise, which appears just before the finish line. The publication advised against going head-on. They added that gamers should try to master every individual track instead.