'Marco Polo' season 3 spoilers: show to get cancelled or will focus more on Prester John


Speculations have it that when Netflix renews its hit periodical drama “Marco Polo” for season 3, the storyline is expected to become darker and more action-packed.

According to reports, although the streaming service giant has not officially picked up the show, fans are still optimistic that they will see a follow-up of the exciting narrative. Some suggest that the new installment will focus more on Prester John as he increasingly becomes a threat to Kublai Khan (Benedict Wong).

As the first two seasons tackled the Mongolian leader’s arc, fans think that the background story of Prester John could be highlighted, as well as his rise to power when he defeats Khan. It can be recalled that based on history, countless treasure hunters have discovered the abundance of his kingdom. If his life will be featured, the new season is deemed to become more informative.

Meanwhile, there are rumors saying that the series may be cancelled due to the poor ratings of the sophomore run, compared to season 1 which received rave reviews from both critics and fans. Another factor apparently being considered with regard to the future of the show is the cost of production as “Marco Polo” has been hailed as the most expensive show that is currently airing.

Others believe that the show’s alleged end may be due to Wong leaving the cast. As the storyline shifts to another character, it is assumed that his character will be killed off in one of the future episodes. On the other hand, there are mixed speculations regarding his absence. Some claim that the reason that he is being written off is because he decided to quit the project.

Although Wong has not confirmed the rumors, he previously hinted in an interview with Den of Geek that Khan’s power will deteriorate down the line.

“It’s a battle as I said, with the traditionalists who are not pleased with his modernization. Moving forward, it’s all about those reactions really and potentially holding elections for a new Khan. You see his power slipping away from him and it’s about who he can trust, who are his allies,” he elaborated.

Available information should be taken with a grain of salt. More details regarding “Marco Polo” season 3 are expected to be revealed soon.