'Marco Polo' season 3 release date, spoilers: new season coming in 2017?


A tweet from the series creator of the Netflix original series “Marco Polo” ignited rumors that the series would return for a third season, despite the second season of the show getting panned with bad reviews for it.

Due to a recent Twitter update from “Marco Polo” series creator John Fusco, fans got the hope that they would still see a third season of the show that tells the life of the popular Venetian merchant and traveler. In the tweet, Fusco said, “We’re not done, Monk. Me and you, we’re not done.” It was also uploaded with a photo of Kublai Khan (Benedict Wong) and Hundred Eyes (Tom Wu).

If a new season would really happen, Netflix Life predicted that it might be released sometime around winter 2017, which means that fans of the series will have to wait at least a year if and when it happens, that is.

However, should the Netflix original series really come to the point of having a third season, rumors have it that Wong may no longer come back to reprise his leading role in the series. Wong has been playing the infamous Mongol warrior for the past two seasons now.

While no specific reason was cited for this possibility, it was reported that the actor is currently occupied with other film projects, and that he might no longer personally want to come back for the show after the negative reviews that the series experienced for its second season run on the streaming network.

There are also reports saying that in order to pull off a third season without the presence of Wong as the main character, the storyline would either have Kublai Khan killed off, or have the story for the third season to focus more on the character of Prester John.