'Marco Polo' season 3 renewal update, spoilers: will there be a new season without Netflix?


In spite of the decent viewership, ratings and positive feedback, the third season of Netflix’s drama web television series, “Marco Polo” is still being left hanging in the air. There have been rumors of it getting canceled, but the network isn’t saying anything. In fact, even the production crew and cast don’t know if there will be a continuation of the show that tells the story of Marco Polo’s early years with the Mongol Empire headed by the notorious killer and conqueror, Kublai Khan.

Several reports online, including GameNGuide, talked about how the show’s creator, John Fusco, as well as the cast expressed their desire for the third season to happen. This only could mean one thing that Netflix is the only one that is apparently in doubt to shoulder the airing of a new season. As a result, the producers of the show are reportedly trying hard to work out a deal to air season 3 on competing networks like HBO, A+E, NBC and AMC.

One issue that the showrunners will have to address should they want other networks to take interest in “Marco Polo” season 3 is the controversy of portraying Kublai Khan, who by the way is played by actor Benedict Wong, as more of a hero than an awful figure in history. Well, if earlier speculations are true, Wong’s stint as Kublai Khan could probably be cut short because the character might be killed off early in the next season.

Meanwhile, iTech Post reported that Fusco is hoping that a third season will push through since he wants to give Marco Polo (Lorenzo Richelmy) a more fitting and deserving storyline, particularly focusing on giving credit to what he accomplished during his travels to the Mongol Empire. In the previous seasons, it was clear that a huge part of the story was focused on Kublai Khan, but it could be justified by the fact that all the action involved the ferocious ruler. Marco Polo was more like in the background most of the time.

Should there be a serious push for season 3 to happen, expect it to be aired in the second or third quarter of 2017.