'Marco Polo' season 3 release date, renewal news: Netflix series delayed or cancelled; drama to air on another network?


Mixed reports are swirling around the rumor mill regarding a potential season 3 for Netflix’s historical drama “Marco Polo.” Some believe it may be renewed, cancelled or just delayed.

The lack of updates from the production crew apparently sparked assumptions that the show may be cancelled as it is hailed as one of arguably the most expensive shows to make by the streaming giant. In order to continue the narrative, consistent funding is said to be needed in order to maintain and meet the demands of filming.

On the other hand, there is hearsay that there will only be a long hiatus since main star Benedict Wong is currently busy juggling his other commitments. His hectic schedule is noted as a possible reason for the purported delay as the actor who portrayed Kublai Khan is also part of the cast of Marvel Studio’s “Doctor Strange” which is slated to premiere in November.

Meanwhile, some reports claim that season 3 will still push through but it may find a new home on a different network. Aside from Wong, other cast members deemed to return are Lorenzo Richelmy who plays the titular character and Tom Wu as Hundred Eyes. However, it remains to be seen if this comes to fruition.

Show creator John Fusco has not commented on the fate of the series after successfully wrapping up the last installment which reportedly became the second most watched digital series after “Orange Is the New Black.”

Fusco stated on his previous guest column for Deadline that he is thankful for what the franchise has seemingly proved, “At a time when there’s much contention and strain surrounding Hollywood for its lack of diversity, I’m proud to be on the side that’s breaking barriers.”

“It demonstrates that you can have a series in the top ranks of Most Popular TV Shows while starring mostly Asian and minority actors. Secondly, it proves that viewers do not discriminate based on race; they are interested in quality programming and storytelling regardless of ethnicity and gender,” he added.