'Marco Polo' season 3 release date, rumors: possible reasons for the show's cancellation


American drama web television series, “Marco Polo” wrapped up its second season with a bang, prompting guarantees that a third season is definitely going to happen. But with recent rumors that its original network, Netflix, is no longer interested in ordering season 3, fans of the historical drama will have to begin accepting the painful possibility that “Marco Polo” will turn out to be one of those popular shows that just couldn’t get enough traction to continue moving forward.

According to iTech Post, while there’s that ever growing rumor of a series cancellation, it appears that the only reason why people are leaning towards believing it is simply because Netflix or anyone connected to the series has not spoken about the development of a new season. As a result, the network’s silence is now being interpreted as one way of saying that there’s nothing to expect for a “Marco Polo” season 3. The report added that one possible reason for the cancellation is that the TV drama has a very expensive working budget that Netflix could no longer accommodate, and this includes the cost of the premium cast members and production crew.

Another reason why “Marco Polo” season 3 may never see the light of day is the speculation that one of its lead stars, Benedict Wong, has decided not to return. Wong plays the role of Mongolian emperor, Kublai Khan. The portrayal of the said character was previously met with some criticisms due to the fact that the historical figure being represented is someone who doesn’t deserve praise, attributing to the atrocities he committed during his reign.

Although Wong himself previously expressed his willingness and interest to keep on playing the role for more seasons to come, his busy schedule and other commitments are the ones blamed for his possible exit in the show. But just like the Netflix cancellation decision, there still is no official confirmation on the actor’s exit.