'Marco Polo' season 3 release date: Amid series cancellation rumors, Kublai Khan expected to have bigger role


The portrayal of Mongol king and genocidal leader Kublai Khan (Benedict Wong) didn’t sit well with several critics and viewers of the American drama web television series, “Marco Polo,” but that won’t stop the momentum of the Netflix show towards the third season.

There are several storylines that may be showcased in the upcoming season, including the prospect of Khan, a real historical figure and ruthless leader of the Mongol Empire, assuming a more prominent role in the next offering.

Although there are rumors that season 3 of “Marco Polo” is no longer pushing through, it’s actually the most accurate assumption right now considering the fact that Netflix or the showrunners haven’t really provided official confirmation of a new season. But then again, there’s no stopping the flow of speculations, especially with the second season showcasing a deeper set of stories about the lead character, Marco Polo (Lorenzo Richelmy) and his relationship and exploits with Khan.

At this point though, majority of those rumors seem to point at one direction Khan’s eventual struggles as he tries to muscle his way to the western part of the world with the objective of conquering and killing everyone in his path.

And because his character is expected to be the main focus on season 3, it’s safe to say that Wong will be returning for the upcoming season. In fact, a report from Crossmap said that he’s on board for another installment of “Marco Polo” even after earlier rumors that Netflix wanted him out.

With regard to Netflix’s role in airing the new season, there is some talk that the streaming service is actually in the process of talking to major TV networks about the prospect of them taking over. A report said that Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos has been busy as of late negotiating with the likes of AMC, HBO and NBC.