'Marco Polo' season 3 renewal update: Show creator not giving up on the series


Ever since the second season of “Marco Polo” aired on Netflix, rumors of the show’s cancellation have surged due to the lack of news of a renewal for the next season. Despite being one of the most expensive TV series, with a budget only slightly lower than the production cost of “Game of Thrones,” the show failed to impress both critics and viewers.

However, it looks like series creator John Fusco is not giving up on the show yet as he made a post on Twitter hinting “Marco Polo” may get to see another season.

The tweet also gives viewers hope that Benedict Wong will return for his role as Kublai Khan. There were rumors that Wong will not be returning because of the negative reviews. Several reports also said that his character may be killed off in the upcoming season so the show can shift its focus to Prester John. Reports say that Wong has hinted that his character is going to face a lot of challenges in the upcoming season, or he may even get dethroned. In an interview with Den of Geek, he says, “You see his power slipping away from him and it’s about who he can trust, who are his allies.” Perhaps Kublai’s enemies are not the biggest obstacles he has to overcome. First, Netflix has to decide whether to renew “Marco Polo” or cancel it. Actress Olivia Cheng, who plays Lin Mei, isn’t giving up on the show either. She made a post on her Twitter page urging fans to keep their hopes up.

Rumors indicate that if the show gets a renewal for season 3, viewers should expect a long gap between the second and third seasons, most likely a year. If season 3 gets picked up, it will probably air in the fall or early winter of 2017.