Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley Jr. fight rumors: Boxers fist-on-fist for third time in April


Manny “Pac-Man” Pacquiao (57-6-2) and Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley, Jr. (32-1-1) will be fist-to-fist for the third time for the WBO World Welterweight Title fight on April 9.

The contenders first fought in 2012, where Bradley Jr. won via a controversial split decision. After which, they fought again in 2014 where he lost over Pacquiao via unanimous decision. Many analysts believed that his victory during their 2012 fight was rigged, but regardless, their cards both show one win and one loss, making a third rematch somewhat the final fight that will settle it.

As noted by Boxing News 24, Bradley Jr. is confident and looking forward to their upcoming fight. He said that his new coach, Teddy Atlas, will figure out everything that Pacquiao will do in the ring, and they will come up with all the counter attacks for these.

He said, “I already know what he’s going to do before I even go into the ring. I’m going to be prepared for everything Pacquiao does before I get into the ring. I fight the fight inside the gym, and then go in and fill the sketch in with colors. I plan on having a masterful performance on April 9th.”

He added, “I’m a smart monster now. I’m calm, cool, and collective. The theme in this fight is called the ‘log in the ocean.'”

Meanwhile, although the “Pacquiao vs Bradley 3” seem to be odd for critics, PhilBoxing reported that, on the contrary, the fight is rounding up the interest of viewers. In addition, the two fighters reportedly gathered huge crowd when they did their press tour.

To be held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, the tickets are priced at $154.00, $254.00, $404.00, $604.00, $804.00, and $1,204.00.

As for other fights, Amir Khan is slated to face Saul Alvarez for the latter’s WBC World Middleweight Title on May 7.