'Man of Steel 2' rumors: Will Darkseid be the new villain? Brainiac and Lobo are also likely choices


Warner Bros. is reportedly pushing for “Man of Steel 2,” but who will be the new enemy to the people’s hero?

According to OuterPlaces, there are reports of “Man of Steel 2” being fast-tracked, which might be surprising because Zack Snyder’s original movie did not fare well with critics. Accompanying these rumors is the question of who will Superman face in the sequel?

One character who is wildly rumored is Brainiac. As per MovieWeb (MW), the villain has Kryptonian superpowers and described as significantly smarter than most of Superman’s (Henry Cavill) villains, which will make him a force to be reckoned with. One reason that he is being gossiped to be the next big bad is that his powers will apparently look great on the big screen.

Another Krypton-powered villain is Metallo, who is half-man, half-cyborg. As per CheatSheet, “Batman v Superman” villain Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) might give the character the needed Kryptonite to finally take Superman down.

Another one is a villain named Lobo, who is a strong contender as Warner Bros. and DC are already interested in bringing the bounty hunter to the screen. Before giving him his own spotlight though, they might reportedly face him off with Superman first. This is to see the audience’s reaction before making him officially a part of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU).

While there are also whispers of Darkseid going around, the report from MW stated that this is highly unlikely. Those who watched “Batman v Superman” can remember that the villain’s arrival was hinted at via Batman’s (Ben Affleck) dream sequence. While fans are almost certain that the immortal being is coming to DCEU through “Justice League,” the article mentioned that he is unlikely to appear in “Man of Steel 2.”

“Man of Steel 2” is still unconfirmed at this point, so an announcement regarding the new villain(s) may not be coming anytime soon.