Man arrested in Florida for kidnapping threat against singer Lana Del Rey

60th Annual Grammy Awards – Arrivals – New York, U.S., 28/01/2018 – Lana Del Rey REUTERS/Andrew Kelly.

A man was arrested in Orlando, Florida Friday after a thwarted attempt to kidnap singer Lana Del Rey.

The 43-year-old Michael Hunt was charged with aggravated stalking with a credible threat and attempted kidnapping with a weapon. According to police officials, the suspect had tickets for the singer’s performance at the Amway Center, and he was carrying a knife when he was arrested about a block away from the concert venue hours before the show.

The suspect was not able to make contact with the singer, as authorities were able to act on a tip they received about a possible kidnapping threat to Del Rey.

The Orlando Police Department twitted about the news. “After receiving a tip we deemed a credible threat, OPD got to him before he could get near singer Lana Del Rey last night at her show at Amway Center,” wrote the department.

Police said that received a tip from a caller who said Hunt had put up cryptic and threatening posts on social media about the singer. In his Facebook account, it shows multiple posts of the suspect referring to Del Rey as his queen.

“I love you so much Lana I can’t wait to be back in your arms in a few days baby I hear you singing I miss you baby I miss you so much Lana,” Hunt wrote in a post dated Jan. 29.

The next day, he wrote about plans to “see my queen on Friday,” referring to the singer’s Orlando concert. “[F]rom that day forward our decisions will be as one,” said Hunt.

In his other posts, Hunt wrote about leaving town for good, while in a live video that he posted, he said he would be taking off with the singer.

Hunt has previously served five prison terms for various crimes, which included burglary and grand theft of a vehicle.