Malaysian Airline Flight 370 updates: Debris of the aircraft purportedly found in Mozambique; legal battle looms before the 2-year filing limit


Two years after what is presumed to be the crash of Malaysian Airline Flight 370, until now, a lot of questions are still hanging in the air without any answers.

Add to that the supposed debris of the aircraft is now reportedly found in the eastern African country of Mozambique. In a report by CNN, a source named Liam Lotter supposedly found the piece of the aircraft while strolling on the beach while on a vacation in the country back in December.

“We stumbled across what seemed like a curved sort of gray object,” Lotter told the media outlet via a phone call. “We didn’t know what it was at first,” he continued.

As of now, no crash site has been pinpointed and it is still unknown whether what Lotter found was really a piece of the MH370 or not. Dan O’Malley of the Autsralian Transport Safety Bureau also revealed that investigators are already on their way to further examine the artifact to find out if it came from the ill-fated plane. As of now, the Australians are leading underwater search missions. 

Meanwhile, a separate report by Channel News Asia revealed that a family member of one of the passengers of the plane is suing Malaysian Airlines. New Zealander Paul Weeks’ relatives are filing a lawsuit against the airlines in an Australian court for the “sudden chock” and “mental harm” they have to go through since the plane went missing on March 8, 2014.

Weeks’ mother, brother, and sister filed five different sets of lawsuits in the Supreme Court of Western Australia which was logged on March 4. They were asking for compensations for “personal injury, loss and damage” suffered as a result of “sudden shock” and “mental harm” after the plane crash, the media outlet cited.

On top of the Weeks, Malaysian Airlines is also battling lawsuits in Beijing where a lot of the Chinese passengers’ families are also seeking for compensation.

According to the International Rule of Law, families can sue within two years from the incident in terms of accidents like this.