Malaysian Airline Flight 370 update: Wreckage found in Mozambique 'highly likely' from missing plane


The retrieved debris found in Mozambique is “highly likely” to be from the missing Malaysian Airline Flight 370.

Two weeks ago, it was reported that a suspected rubble from the MH370 aircraft, which went missing on March 8, 2014, was found ashore in the South East African country of Mozambique by a South African teenager named Liam Lotter back in December. It was then followed by another rubble discovery  by an American lawyer named Blaine Gibson which in turn triggered Lotter’s decision to come out and talk about what he found.

The remains were then taken by the Australians for further match testing and latest news from CNN revealed that after a series of examination, the Australians have come to the conclusion that there is a high chance that the two found pieces are from MH370.

“The analysis has concluded the debris is almost certainly from MH370,” said Australian Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Darren Chester.

Meanwhile, Malaysian Minister of Transport, Liow Tion Lai mirrored Chester’s statement. Liow said, “The dimensions, materials and construction of both parts conform to the specifications of a Boeing 777 aircraft. As such, both parts are consistent with panels from a MAS Boeing 777 aircraft, and almost certainly are from MH370.”

Channel News Asia separately reported that in light of the new progress on the case, a Malaysian team will be sent to scavenge around the coastal regions of Mozambique and even the whole southern tip of South Africa. At the time the statement was made, Liow added that that they are only waiting for the go ahead from South African authorities to start the operation.

While the report received mixed responses from the families of the victims of the supposed plane crash, Malaysian Airlines is pleased with the recent development regarding the ongoing investigation on what really went wrong during the flight.

The flag carrying aircraft released an official statement, as stated in the same CNN report, and it reads:

“This is another breakthrough and the airline is hopeful that this will bring us closer to resolving the disappearance of MH370.

Malaysia Airlines would like to thank the Australian and Malaysian authorities and other investigating parties involved in the logistical arrangements and analysis of the debris, as well as the continued search for MH370.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the passengers and crew onboard MH370.”

Since MH370 went missing two years ago, there is still no clear indication on what happened to the aircraft. Malaysian Airlines is currently facing numerous lawsuits from family members who are demanding compensation for their losses.