'Making History' latest news, spoilers: FOX reduces number of episodes in current season; creator teases storyline


FOX’s newest comedy series “Making History” is about rewriting the past through time travel. Although the pilot episode was well-received by the viewers, the premiere season of the show has been cut by a number of episodes.

Deadline has learned that the network has reduced the number of episodes of Adam Pally-led series from 13 to nine episodes. The decision to lop off the season was made after FOX finalized their scheduling plans in their current lineup of shows.

However, the cut is reportedly not a hint that the series will only have one season. For instance, NBC trimmed down the number of “Superstore” episodes for scheduling reasons as well. But, the network proceeded to renew the America Ferrera-starred sitcom for a second season.

Making History” also stars Leighton Meester of “Gossip Girl” and “Girls” star Yassir Lester.

The comedy series revolves around the quirky lives of the three friends: Dan (Pally), Deborah Revere (Meester), and Chris (Lester). Working as a janitor at a small Massachusetts college, Dan has discovered how to time travel. He went as far as the 1700s when the American Revolution was brewing.

During his journey in the past, Dan fell in love with Deborah, the daughter of Paul Revere the American Patriot who was historically famous for warning the colonists of Lexington and Concord of the approaching British forces.

The young facilities manager has asked the help of Chris, a history professor at the college, to make things right with his love affair with the colonial woman and to prevent (or to kickstart) the American Revolution.

“You can look forward to three people stuffed uncomfortably in a duffel bag none of those luxurious time machines on this show!” show creator Julius “Goldy” Sharpe told Entertainment Weekly.

“Ever wonder how the Founding Fathers would adapt to life today? Well, in this show, John Hancock gets addicted to cocaine and forces Sam Adams to participate in ‘Bumfights,'” Sharpe added.

The next episode of “Making History” airs on March 19 on FOX.