'Mafia 3' release date set for Oct. 7 for PS4


“Mafia III” is now official, and it will be released for the PlayStation 4 on Oct. 7.

In an interview with Hangar 13 by GameSpot, the developing team behind the highly anticipated “Mafia III” game discussed the game’s setting, the mechanics, the difference, and the excitement behind having the first ever real open world “Mafia” game.

As revealed by game creative director Haden Blackman, the game will be the first in the franchise to be a real open world game. However, it will still keep the cinematic approach that the two previous games had been known for.

“We didn’t want to go so far in that direction that we broke the stuff that worked very well with ‘Mafia II,'” Blackman said. “There is a very strong narrative that is pulling you through, and everything that you do feeds back into that narrative. I think our media team is doing a fantastic job. The cinematics are coming together really well.”

With “Mafia II,” 2K Interactive is seeking to “reclaim” the term “Mafia,” which is why they had the new game set in a time when Mafias were their golden years of power.

As explained by game lead writer Bill Harms, their goal of “Mafia III” is to show a different perspective on telling a story related to the Mafia, with new twists and a different spin to it.

“As a writer, I didn’t want to go back to the world and tell the same kind of rags to riches story, or a guy working his way up from the bottom,” Harms expalined. “We are going to try and find a different twist on that and a different spin to it, which is where I think having [Lincoln] being a different type of mobster came in… One of the things that we all came away with is that in the 60s, it was kind of the end of the golden age of the Italian mob. Before that, people didn’t really even acknowledge that the Italian mob existed. If they did, it was, ‘Well they’re just a social club, they’re good for the neighborhood.'”

Hangar 13 is a division of 2K Interactive, which also holds “Grand Theft Auto” developer Rockstar Games.