'Mafia 3' release date, gameplay news: period title features a vengeance-minded protagonist in Lincoln Clay


By the end of this week, “Mafia III” will finally be available on major consoles. But before that, Haden Blackman of Hangar 13, spilled on the one thing that players should not expect from the period title.

Despite being an open world title, the Lincoln Clay-led narrative is still given some boundaries in order to keep things uniformed. Different from the likes of the “Grand Theft Auto” franchise, which also falls in the same category, “Mafia III” would like to keep things interesting with enough choices offered to players but streamlined so as to stay true to the narrative of the game, which mostly revolves around the protagonist seeking revenge on his former boss.

“Early on, we decided that everything Lincoln does either furthers his quest to take down the Italian mob or build up his own criminal family,” Blackman who is the studio head of the game developing studio told We Write Things in an exclusive conversation. “So, while you can take over prostitution rackets in the city, Lincoln doesn’t have the time or desire to partake.”

In the gameplay, the Vietnam war veteran, an anti-hero of some sort, plots against the local mobs in the fictional city of New Bordeaux which is their version of New Orleans. At its best, the game tries to have the third-person perspective title to be as immersive as possible enhanced with a soundtrack to boot.

“We have three distinct radio stations in the game that each have their own playlists. Combined, they provide a very eclectic range of music from the late 1960s we’ve got over 100 licensed tracks in the game altogether. I think that everything absolutely belongs to the setting, or helps us tell the story,” Blackman added, detailing the carefully curated musical score of “Mafia III” which includes songs from The Rolling Stones and Elvis Presley.

Credit for the eclectic mix of songs in the game goes to Jesse Harlin and Jim Bonney who collaborated on the licensed musical score of “Mafia III.” But despite being a melting pot of genres, Harlin previously shared that it has the uniform theme of “dark and gritty with a focus on revenge,” much like Clay’s main goal in the story.

“Mafia III” will make its public debut on Oct. 7 with three variants standard ($59.99), deluxe ($79.99), and collector’s edition ($149.99).