'Mafia 3' release date: Game sets itself apart from other open world titles with solid narrative


“Mafia 3,” an upcoming open world game, released a gameplay trailer during the recently concluded Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). The gaming community has quickly gained interest in the game due to its slick style of presenting itself as an open world game focused in exploring the underground crime world of New Orleans.

As mentioned in Polygon, the game is able to represent the 1968 version of New Orleans the environment, the jazz music that plays over the radio and the people that live in the place. Overall, it gives a good idea of how New Orleans was in the late ’60s.

The gameplay focuses on different objectives for the character, such as killing another person in order to accomplish a mission. Furthermore, the game does not just involve point blank shootouts, but players are also required to be stealthy at times depending on the mission. The game also has a distinct feature wherein players can choose what the character will do in times of need, such as calling in allies to help achieve a mission.

The game provides a unique way of choosing the allies that support the main protagonist. If the player invests in a certain ally, then trust between the two characters can grow. On the other hand, if the player keeps on being a disappointment to his friends, they might become potential enemies.

“Mafia 3” is also a very interesting game, especially in terms of plot and character. The main protagonist is Lincoln Clay, an African-American soldier who just came back from the Vietnam War. The game also seems to be thought-provoking. Lincoln is a very layered character. He has just witnessed the horrors of war and as he returns home, he will also be faced with issues of racial discrimination, which were prevalent during this period. Overall, “Mafia 3” presents gamers with a solid narrative as they try to navigate Lincoln as he deals with all of these issues.

“Mafia 3” will be released on Oct. 7 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.