Madonna and Guy Ritchie custody battle news: 15-year-old Rocco photographed smoking


Rocco, the 15-year-old son of pop icon Madonna and English filmmaker Guy Ritchie, was photographed smoking while under the guardianship of his father, and amid the custody battle of his parents on Sunday.

The Sun UK reports that an onlooker saw the teenager wrapping what looked like Golden Virginia tobacco with liquorice-style paper. He was photographed smoking the wrapped tobacco and passing it around to his friends.

According to the onlooker, the wrapped tobacco smelled pungent, which made them think it was cannabis.

“It looked very much like cannabis, though I suppose it could have just been normal tobacco. At one point it looked like they were burning resin into the cigarette, which was wrapped with liquorice-style paper,” the onlooker told The Sun.

He also added that Rocco and his pals did not seem to care much about what other people think. The place had lots of tourists who take pictures. 

Meanwhile, a source told People that this event is what Madonna fears: her son is not attending school. 

On previous report, Rocco was with his mother during her tour. However, he left his 57-year-old mom because he reportedly prefers to be under the guardianship of his 47-year-old father. 

There was court order for Rocco to return home to his mother for the holidays. The sources of the publication said that he had missed school because of the situation.

Currently, Madonna is very busy with her Rebel Heart Tour. She’s in Bangkok for her Feb. 9 and 10 performances. She will then perform in Tokyo on Feb. 13 and 14, then in Hong Kong, Macau, Manila, and Singapore. 

Anticipated singles to be performed are her ’80s hits “Material Girl,” “Like A Virgin,” and “Lucky Star.” Her latest single featuring Nicki Minaj, which was released in 2015, will also performed by the singer.