'Madam Secretary' season 3 spoilers: Morgan Freeman to direct premiere; President Dalton's re-election in peril?


CBS’ politically-themed TV drama “Madam Secretary” is premiering its third season in a couple of days. There are talks going on that one of its executive producers, actor Morgan Freeman will be at the helm directing the season premiere that is expected to have an Oct. 2 air date.

Morgan sat down with “CBS This Morning” and commended the cast, as well as the production crew of the popular CBS serial. He added that he has a good rapport with the stars of the show and the stars felt likewise towards him. The actor further explained that both the stars and the staff were well-versed in their craft and they’re easy to work with.

Moreover, the “Now You See Me” star even credited fellow actor and “Dirty Harry” himself, Clint Eastwood as he learned a lot from the latter in directing quality material.

For those uninitiated, Freeman gave a shot at directing over two decades ago when he helmed the feature “Bopha!” where another fellow actor, Danny Glover, starred in the critically-acclaimed film.

Meanwhile, rumor has it that the upcoming season will be featuring the political ambitions of President Dalton, played by Keith Carradine, which might be in peril as Elizabeth “Bess” McCord, who is portrayed by Ta Leoni, has expressed her intentions in altering the U.S. government’s overseas expenditures.

The first episode “Sea Change” will showcase a naval installation in Bahrain being ravaged by a powerful hurricane that will result in Bess trying to change President Dalton’s view towards climate change, as well as his overall foreign policy.

Furthermore, the McCord family may experience paranoia as reports suggest that Jason, played by Evan Roe, will be under the impression that his notebook has been tapped.

As aforementioned, the third season of “Madam Secretary” is slated to air this Oct. 2 on CBS.