'Madam Secretary' season 2 news: Elizabeth to deal with volatile political situation in the Middle East


After “Madam Secretary” pushed back the release of its 14th episode to Feb. 14th, it will not be dealing with the aftermath of the death of Elizabeth McCord’s father-in-law, but it will mainly focus on a terrorism plot.

A report by Carter Matt stated that the change of pace may be the show’s attempt to return to its core, which is dealing with complicated political situations.

“While Elizabeth oversees a mission to track down the culprits behind a uranium heist in Eastern Europe, she also contends with highly sensitive issues in Saudi Arabia, including the apprehension of two American teenage girls who intended to join a terrorist group, that threatens to dismantle an important arms deal,” the synopsis for the episode titled “Left of the Boom” read.

In another report by IBTimes, it is said that Elizabeth will have to juggle the volatile political tension that comes with dealing with Saudi Arabia because of some American teenagers. This may also jeopardize a pending arms deal between the U.S. and their allies in the Middle East.

While Elizabeth is dealing with the problem at hand, it is also expected that Ukraine will figure into the scenario after the Ukrainian representative fails to show up during the peace talks, almost at the same time that the vehicles of the attending world leaders were targeted.

Elizabeth suspects the Ukrainians to be behind the attacks since they have a huge deposit of uranium but the diplomatic sensitivity of the issue will force Elizabeth to tread carefully

Meanwhile, for Episode 15, titled “Right of the Boom,” Elizabeth will once again be pitted in in critical situation as something happens on U.S. soil.

“A shocking event occurs on U.S. soil, which sends Elizabeth scrambling for answers as President Dalton questions how this was able to happen in the first place,” the synopsis posted by TV Guide read.

“Left of the Boom” will air on Valentine’s Day, while “Right of the Boom” will air a week later on Feb. 21.