'Mad Max' news: Aussie director George Miller leads Cannes Jury, says there will still be more of 'Mad Max'


“Mad Max” creator George Miller will be spearheading the 2016 Cannes Film Festival jury.

According to Festival Cannes, the 70-year-old Australian film director, screenwriter, and producer was declared Monday as president in the upcoming 69th annual Cannes Film Festival.

An enthusiastic Miller was quoted in a statement as part of the announcement, stating:

“What an unmitigated delight! To be there in the middle of this storied festival at the unveiling of cinematic treasures from all over the planet.

“To spend time in passionate discourse with fellow members of the jury. Such an honor. I’ll be there with bells on!”

The duty of awarding the Palme d’or at the closing ceremony will also fall to him. The festival’s closure will be held from May 11 to 22. 

This will be the second consecutive appearance of Miller for the esteemed festival, which is France’s equivalent to the Oscars. Last year, Miller was on the Croissette with his end of society road thriller “Mad Max: Fury Road” for a Cannes special screening, which showcased the then-potential blockbuster in 2D, 3D, IMAX 3D and 4DX viewing. The post-apocalyptic sequel to the 1980s Mel Gibson series then propelled to both major and box-office success. 

The website made it clear that deciding on the gifted director was due in part to the latter’s long list of work that showcased every genre up to the standard of good cinema. “Babe” and the Oscar-winning “Happy Feet” were geared toward the young. “Lorenzo’s Oil” was a true-to-life tearjerker of a family drama while his most recent work, “Mad Max: Fury Road,” was all post-apocalypse.

In an interview with The Wrap, Miller cleared rumors that he is no longer interested in making a follow-up to his blockbuster movie, saying, “I said no, [another Mad Max movie] will not be next, and she took that to mean I never wanted to make another Mad Max. It won’t necessarily be next, but I have two more stories.”