‘MacGyver’ plot news: Showrunner explains finale cliffhangers, teases next season

A promotional image for "MacGyver" (Facebook/MacGyverCBS)

The felon remains at large in the season finale of “MacGyver.” Will he return next season?

In the finale episode, Murdoc (David Dastmalchian) hired a killer to infiltrate Phoenix Foundation. The killer pretended to be Dr. Zito, a laboratory technician, and he wounded Bozer (Justin Hires). Then, Zito released Holt from captivity, and the two, under the authority of The Organization, took control of the Foundation.

Mac (Lucas Till) and his team of operatives tracked the two men down and prevented The Organization from stealing the biological weapon from “The Rising.” To prevent any forthcoming threats, Mac decided to throw away the infectious agents to Siberia. After the turmoil, Jack (George Eads) joined Mac to find his long-lost father.

It seems that Murdoc is still not done with his villainous intents.

“He made it very clear what his intentions were: To get rid of all of us,” showrunner Peter Lenkov recently told Entertainment Weekly. He hinted that next season, Mac’s team will be hunting him down before he could hunt them.

“We have established that he had a kid so we’re going to use that to leverage him and in an interesting way. That’s a way to get to him, unless he gets to that kid first,” he went on to say.

The episode’s flashback part showed Jack and Mac in Cairo, Egypt. It looked like their mission went wrong. Someone has held the two operatives captive, with guns over their heads, while a bomb was about to explode.

“The idea is that next season we’ll get to see another piece of that story, how they got out of that part of Cairo,” Lenkov explained.

As for Mac’s father storyline, Lenkov stated that the upcoming season will end with Mac knowing who his father is.

Additionally, the showrunner is planning to cast Richard Dean Anderson in the next season. He stated that he has been pursuing the actor for the role, but he has not received any positive response yet.

As of this writing, the premiere date of “MacGyver” season 2 has not been announced yet.