MacBook Pro 2016 release date, specs: Oct. 27 announcement may include upcoming professional laptop


The MacBook Pro 2016 has been a constant subject of rumors and theories for several months now, with most people finding reasons to be very positive about its release. However, there’s minimal information handed out by Apple or anyone else who can claim they know something official about the upcoming laptop. And while the same thing can be said about the MacBook Air and a few other rumored Apple devices, what’s unique about the MacBook Pro is that there is a consensus that the laptop will eventually get the go signal before the end of the year.

Per several reports online, the device will be featuring a brand-new OLED touch-sensitive display and function keys. The new-generation OLED display is rumored to be a permanent replacement of the physical function keys.

Now it gets more interesting if the talk is about the processor. For the most part, rumors say that the MacBook Pro 2016 will be equipped with the latest Intel Kaby Lake chipset, but the obvious problem is its manufacturer only made the official announcement last August, suggesting that it could be too late for this product to wear it.

Meanwhile, IBT AU reported that a major announcement by Apple slated for Oct. 27 could for the MacBook Pro 2016, adding that the Cupertino-based company actually moved its earnings call from Oct. 27 to an earlier Oct. 25 date.

Now the biggest question is this: Will all those rumored specs become reality once the MacBook Pro 2016 is officially unveiled? Or will consumers get a surprisingly stripped-down product since Apple is hard-pressed to do a release right before the end of the year? Regardless of how the specs and features will turn out and whether or not it’ll be powered by the Intel Kaby Lake, the truth is everyone still wants the MacBook Pro 2016.