MacBook Pro 2016 release date, specs: Laptop\'s launch confirmed? OLED touch strip could be called 'Magic Toolbar'


With just a few days left before their October trade event, reports are coming in that Apple will be announcing the arrival of the latest refreshes of their MacBook product line. Specifically, everyone’s expecting that the company will finally unveil the new MacBook Pro including the latest features and upgrades that will go alongside it.

Fans of the product are very much aligned with the fact that the banner laptop of the company has been pretty much left behind in terms of much-needed tweaks.

One of the highly anticipated components that is said to be added to the soon to be released MacBook Pro is the OLED touch strip that will replace the row of function keys atop its main keyboard. Moreover, reports say that the Cupertino-based premium device manufacturer has registered quite a number of names to dub the aforementioned attribute of the looming laptop. Rumor has it is that the company has agreed upon using the moniker “Magic Toolbar” for the said peripheral. It is said that the name will perfectly blend in with Apple’s other optional hardware that have the “magic” prefix in their names.

Apart from this, it has yet to be known as to what will be under the hood of the incoming device most especially when it comes to the chipset. Tech analysts debated beforehand that the new MacBook Pro will be powered by the Kaby Lake from Intel. However, there are some who believe otherwise, considering that the next-generation processor isn’t expected to be released soon.

Furthermore, it’s likely that the new notebook will be unveiled in two iterations with varying display sizes with the abovementioned “Magic Toolbar.” Prices for the soon to be revealed MacBook laptops are also undisclosed as of late, but it is speculated that it might carry a steeper price tag given the specs mentioned.