MacBook Pro 2016 release date: Apple may capitalize on holiday shopping with November 2015 release


Microsoft has recently announced their latest line up of gadgets, one of which is the most awaited and long rumored Surface Pro 4, which they called as the “MacBook Pro killer.”

Although there is no official announcement coming from Apple yet, there are rumors flying around that the latest MacBook Pro, along with MacBook Air and the missed out iPad Air 3, may come around either November this year or January next year, notes Ecumenical News.

The current MacBook Pro comes with a 13.3-inch display at 227 pixels per inch, weighing around 3.48 pounds. It is powered by the fifth generation i5 dual core processor, along with either an 8GB or 16 GB RAM. For its internal storage, the MacBook Pro comes with 128GB with leeway to expand up to 1 TB. The device also comes with longer battery life, the latest operating system El Capitan, and costs around $1299 for its base price. Meanwhile, the latest Surface Pro 4 came out with some similarities on the specifications, such as the 13-inch display, but with an improved 267 pixels per inch quality. It has also mimicked Apple’s 3.48 pounds, 8 GB or 16 GB RAM, 128 GB up to 1 TB internal memory, but is powered by the sixth generation i5 dual core processor, along with a Windows 10 operating system. Surface Pro 4’s cost starts at $1499, which is $200 more than its Apple counterpart, perhaps because of its newer and faster processor.

If Apple will indeed be releasing a latest MacBook Pro model soon, they have to find a way to surpass the Surface Pro 4’s latest features, while keeping their costs still competitive and appealing to the market. They can opt for offering new-in-the-market features since the models are due for an upgrade, anyway. With Apple’s sales of the MacBook Pro at their lowest in two years, it may also be better to release MacBook Pro next month, rather than wait for the start of the new year, in order to get a share on the holiday splurge, as well as snatch some potential sales from the newest Microsoft laptop-hybrid gadget.