MacBook Pro 2016 release date: Air laptops to be discontinued over Pro line?


Apple has been long rumored to be releasing a new version of the MacBook Pro laptop, dubbed as the MacBook Pro 2016. While the Cupertino-based company remains to be mum on details and even on whether such an upgrade is bound to happen, the rumor mill is expecting the MacBook Pro 2016 to come to users sometime around later this year. But what would happen to the other laptop line of Apple, the MacBook Air series? Would the MacBook Air laptop also be refreshed for 2016, or would the laptop line silently see its end as Apple focuses its attention on the MacBook Pro line?

In a report by 9to5Mac, it is speculated that while there had been rumors of a release of a new MacBook Air, most of the recent talks point more to the likelihood of a sole MacBook Pro release, without the presence of the MacBook Air at all.

To recall, it was last May 2015 when the Apple MacBook Pro line saw a new release. It was also in March of that year when the MacBook Air released its most recent model. For this year, Apple released the new MacBook 12-inch model last April which, in turn, raised questions as to the future of the MacBook Air line of laptops.

However, it should be noted that there is still at least one rumor report that talks about the possibility of a new MacBook Air laptop getting released this year. However, judging by the amount of news, leaks and rumors that the MacBook Pro 2016 has been generating these past few months, the likelihood of the release for the MacBook Air was perceived to be unlikely, if not impossible.

As for the MacBook Pro 2016, rumor has it that some of the features coming to the new laptop include a USB Type-C port, a new OLED touch bar and the new macOS Sierra running on it.