MacBook Pro 2016 release date, specs news: strip screen to replace function keys


By now, if Apple is really pushing forward with the release of the iPhone 7 next month, it can be assumed that they have already perfected the handheld device. This gives them the luxury to devote their time to their other upcoming products including the MacBook Pro.

In the same Bloomberg report that claimed that the Cupertino-based company was gearing up for a Sept. 7 media launch for the iPhone 7, writer Mark Gurman also noted that Apple was already preparing for the massive overhaul of its MacBook Pro laptops. The recent drop in sales for the last quarter has been cited as the reason why the tech giant has suddenly become alarmed over the matter, prompting them to give the roster a second look for more improvements.

As part of Apple’s unending efforts to release thinner gadgets, the same philosophy will be incorporated in the upcoming MacBook Pro. But while the gadget will have some significant decrease in width and presumably in weight as well, it appears that it will be feature-packed now more than ever.

One of the most significant additions to the laptop is said to be a secondary display just above the keyboard. This takes the place of the standard row of function keys. Instead of the physical keys, a strip screen will be integrated. It will have the ability to execute customized commands depending on the current tasks that the laptop is handling.

The prototypes for the upcoming MacBook Pro are said to be already in the advanced testing stages since earlier this year. But it seems unlikely that it is already fully prepared for its grand debut sometime next month, supposedly alongside the iPhone 7. Given this, MacBook loyalists can expect the device to arrive sometime towards the end of the year.

Amid all these rumors and reports, Apple has continued to keep their silence, whether it concerns the MacBook Pro 2016 or the iPhone 7. Nevertheless, fans can be a bit more certain about what’s coming for the laptop considering that Gurman has been a notable and reliable source for all Apple related news for quite some time now.