MacBook Pro 2016 release date, specs news: Features bring big improvements


With the new model of Apple’s MacBook Pro expected to be released soon, there has been much talk about the device’s design.

While Apple has yet to release any official details regarding the new model, there have been speculations that the upcoming MacBook Pro will be sleeker and slimmer than the previous models released. In addition, Apple will release a variant of the device with a new color, Rose Gold.

Aside from the design, report claimed that the new model of the MacBook Pro will present several improvements. It was said there will be a touch-sensitive keyboard, which means that there will be no physical keys present. The surface of the keyboard will be able to register different degrees of touch pressures, making it a more flexible tool than a mechanical keyboard.

Some noted that it will also include better graphics, as it uses the new GPU systems of AMD and NVIDIA. The device will also use Skylake, which is touted to be a faster processor for the laptop and expected to improve the battery life of the device.

Meanwhile, there were also some reports suggesting that the upcoming device might also have a touch screen monitor for the first time. This feature will allow it to compete with other laptops available in the market.

Other rumors suggest that the MacBook Pro will be available in two sizes, 13 inches and 15 inches. Consumers can expect both to have Retina Displays like the previous installments of the line.

In terms of pricing, no exact amount has been announced yet, but rumors point to it strating at $1,500.