MacBook Pro 2016 release date: Codes found in macOS Sierra hints at arrival of Touch ID feature


While the long rumored MacBook Pro 2016 was not launched at the recently held Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2016, Apple’s annual tech event where new things are mostly launched, there have been hints on a possible new feature coming to the next generation of Apple laptops that were found in the new macOS codes.

The recent WWDC 2016 saw the launch of the macOS Sierra, the first version of the new operating system for Apple computers. The macOS comes in as a rebranding of the long running OS X series, which had been the name for the operating system used for Apple computers, be it the Mac desktop or the MacBook laptops.

The new software is now available on a developer preview version, where users who have signed up as developers at the Apple website can try out the early build of the new software and be a part of the community that would be helping the Cupertino company in developing a stable build of the macOS and get it ready for a full, public release.

Somewhere within the beta resource codes of the software, a report from 9to5Mac pointed out that there were codes that supposedly hints at a possible Touch ID feature for the upcoming MacBook Pro 2016 series of laptops the only new line of computers rumored to be coming from Apple in the coming months.

The series of codes found were prefaced by the string “kIOHIDBiometric.” This was followed by a series of codes hinting at possible various commands that come with a having a biometric reader. There was the “DoubleTapTimeoutKey,” “TapTrackingEnabledKey,” and the “TripleTapTimeoutKey.”

While the codes may be a strong hint of the arrival of the long rumored Touch ID feature for the upcoming MacBook Pro laptops, it does not give a hint as to whether this biometric feature will be embedded onto the device or whether these codes simply signify support for an external biometric reader.