MacBook Pro 2016 news: Apple lets slip about new 15-inch laptop


What was supposed to be only a sneak peek into Apple’s research and development suddenly became a mine of what fans can expect from the company in the upcoming years.

The Cupertino-based company gave the world a short tour in the super secret Jony Ive’s design studio during “60 Minutes.” Some diligent and eagle-eyed fans spotted what they would like to call the upcoming MacBook Pro 2016. The device was spotted during a very brief moment, while Apple was conducting their weekly dealership meeting. A MacBook, which was rather new in design given its 15-inch measurement, was seen in the background behind Apple’s general counsel Bruce Sewell.

What drives Apple followers to believe that the MacBook shown is a new iteration and not an old version is its seemingly bigger size than the 12-inch ones. Moreover, its body was slimmer body compared to other 15-inch Apple laptops. Furthermore, a Jupiter wallpaper was its display which is the same one that Apple has been using while promoting for newly released iPad Pro.

Last March, the tech giant announced that a brand new MacBook will be hitting the shelves equipped with Retina Display. According to most recent qualms, the new laptop will be launching sometime in March. It is definitely a possibility given the pattern of Apple unveiling new MacBooks during the spring season. On the other hand, according to reports being shared online, the 15-inch, thinner variation will be debuted during the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) which is slated to be held in June.

By this time, conflicting reports are already revolving not only around the MacBook Pro but with all the upcoming devices from Apple as well. Although it may seem unlikely that the company would just let an unreleased device be seen, tech buffs are happy to speculate and thoroughly inspect the video.