MacBook Pro 2016 launch news: Consumers advised to wait before buying


An industry watcher has advised Apple consumers to wait before buying the upcoming MacBook Pro 2016 laptops.

Forbes contributor Brooke Crothers has advised consumers to wait. He reasons that since the new MacBook Pros are not expected to have the latest Intel processor, Apple will be upgrading its laptop models soon.

Other laptop brands already feature the “Skylake” sixth-generation Intel core processor. These include Microsoft’s Surface Book, Dell, and Hewlett-Packard. Most of Apple’s current MacBooks use Broadwell, and Apple has yet to confirm it will be doing the same with its new line of laptops that will be released soon.

Intel’s Skylake chips follow Haswell/Broadwell’s microarchitecture and brings both minor and major improvements. The new Intel chips are touted to improve a laptop’s battery life and graphics performance as well.

Crothers believes the jump from Haswell to Skylake would be a “big upgrade.” However, if Apple will not be updating its laptops with the upcoming batch, it will do so with those that follow.

He points out that the 15-inch MacBook Pro Retina still uses Haswell, which is a fourth-generation Intel chip, and has had no physical revamps since 2012. Because of this, he believes a new model will likely arrive in the “coming months.”

Meanwhile, the 13-inch MacBook Pro Retina boasts good battery life and Retina display. The model is currently heavily discounted and should be a deal for those who can’t afford to wait. However, for those who can wait, Crothers believes the 13-inch MacBook Pro Retina should be getting a refresh in terms of processor, specifically a Skylake version, “sooner rather than later.” He reasons a revamp is necessary since the last time the model was updated was in March 2015. That’s already 12 months or one year, which is quite a long time for a piece of technology to continue selling in the market without an update. In addition, like its bigger sibling, the model has had no design or cosmetic updates since about four years ago.