MacBook Air 2016 release date, specs news: Rumored 12-inch MacBook taking its place?


Earlier this year, Apple fans were a bit confused when the supposed iPad Air 3 was replaced by the iPad Pro 9.7, which was introduced during the company’s March launch event. Given that there have been some switcheroos, at least in terms of the products’ targeted demographic, rumors about the MacBook Air’s slot being taken over by another product in Apple’s lineup have been going around the internet.

It is no secret that that there have been persistent rumors about the Cupertino-based company allegedly slowly removing the Air lineup from their shelves without any plans of continued development on them. The reasoning behind this move is that the main selling point of the products being light and mobile somehow seems redundant now given that Apple has already been incorporating the same features to all of their devices, be it smartphones, laptops or tablets.

Media outlet MacWorld UK on the other hand makes the ongoing discussion more interesting by speculating that the supposed MacBook Air 2016 will have the same fate as its tablet sibling with a designated replacement. The article notes that it could be possible that Apple may replace the MacBook Air 2016 laptop with the rumored 12-inch MacBook. Suffice to say, the theory makes sense because the basic MacBook line also sports a thinner design which will presumably be capitalized more with the 12-inch iteration. Furthermore, the Air lineup’s lack of any momentous improvement over the years relegates it to the back seat with other Apple laptops seeing more routine updates.

However, similar to the situation of the iPad Air 3 and iPad Pro 9.7, the latter is significantly pricier than the former, which is why a lot of tech buffs are unhappy with Apple’s decision; the MacBook’s starting price is about $1,299 while the Air laptop is only at $899.

With the supposed launch of the iPhone 7 early next month, Apple is still being tight-lipped with regard to its plans for the highly controversial Air lineup.