MacBook Air and Pro news: no truth to rumored Thanksgiving debut; Apple iPad Pro among the promotions


A couple of rumors are circulating regarding Apple’s release of the MacBook Air during Thanksgiving weekend. According to a report by Master Herald, the next generation MacBook Air is set to debut during Black Friday sales. However, in a business perspective, this seems to be farfetched given numerous reasons.

According to Australia Network, lthough there are a lot of shoppers and sales during Black Friday, prices are usually slashed to a minimum of 50%. The Cupertino-based company would have no choice but to also lower down the initial price of the latest MacBook Air, or it would just be overshadowed by the soaring sales of relatively old gadgets in much lower prices. Instead of the projected Thanksgiving release, the new laptop is predicted to hit the shelves during the Christmas season as shoppers are still well on their way in filling out their Christmas gift lists.

There is still no official word from the tech giant in terms of the MacBook Air, which can also mean that the line might have just been dropped altogether. In a separate report by Yibada, Apple is said to be looking to discontinue the production of the Air series and focus more on the iPad Pro in an attempt to promote mobility and portability. The iPad Pro which was released this month is the biggest tablet Apple has ever produced and boasts extraordinary specs from resolution to processor.

The MacBook Pro, on the other hand, sees a 2016 spring launch, which still includes the effort of marketing the iPad Pro. The laptop is rumored to be powered by a Skylake processor and supported by a chip found in El Capitan. Two sizes might also be available for users to choose from – one with a 13-inch screen and another with a slightly bigger one measuringi up to 15 inches. It might have longer battery life as well.