MacBook Air 2016 release date: Air devices rumored to be nixed by Apple


As September gets closer by the day and leaks of a Sept. 9 pre-order date for the iPhone 7 was already rolled out to Apple fanatics, it is without a doubt that Apple is going finally unveil its latest offering of gadgets to its buying public. However, there are recent talks saying that one of its device lineup, the MacBook Air including other Air gadgets, will be nixed due to the underwhelming alterations made to this lineup over the past years.

One of the most probable reasons behind this rumored decision from the Cupertino-based company is that it is said that Apple will be paying more attention to its other laptop model, which is the MacBook Pro. In fact, the Pro lineup is speculated to be spread across their other devices like the iPad and the much talked about iPhone 7.

For as long as Apple users can remember, revamps made to the MacBook Air have been minimal and have failed to impress most of the consumers over the years. In fact, the most recent update made to the notebook was back in March 2015 including the 8 GB adjustment on its random access memory (RAM) a month after. Since then, the company has remained silent about the notebook.

Meanwhile, months prior to the hyped September event of the renowned tech vendor, several Apple outlets across the United States have already pulled out the non-Retina MacBook Pro for the reason that it’s already considered obsolete, not to mention that prices of other models of the notebook have been massively reduced.

Since this is a clear hint from Apple about an imminent MacBook Pro, there are talks across the web about a MacBook Pro sporting an OLED touch bar, which some tech experts theorized that having such technology on Apple’s next generation device would mean consumers dishing out extra cash. In addition, the next MacBook Pro might no longer feature an audio connector and could be replaced with a wireless one just like what is rumored to happen with the iPhone 7.