MacBook Air 2016 vs Surface Pro 4: which one is better?


There are plenty of options for the consumer, so it’s best to make a comparison to see which choice is better. In this case, a comparison between the upcoming 2016 Macbook Air and Microsoft’s revolutionary Surface Pro 4 is in order.

Both offer portability, so it’s worth looking at what features each could give to the consumer.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is expected to be an upgrade of the Surface Pro 3, beginning with the processor. According to the Inquisitr, the Surface Pro 4 is expected to be equipped with Intel’s newest chipset, the Skylake processors. The tablet is also expected to run on Microsoft’s newest operating system, Windows 10, which will come out later this month.

Boosh Articles speculated that the Surface Pro 4 will come in 12-inch and 14-inch variants, and will have at least 4GB of RAM. Internal storage will reportedly start at 128GB and will go all the way to 1TB, the article said.

Users can purchase a separate keyboard and a Surface Pen to improve usability and accessibility.

On the other hand, according to the Venture Capital Post, Apple is also overhauling the Macbook Air line with the upcoming 2016 model. The VC Post said that the Retina display will be significantly improved, and will have higher resolution than what the 2015 models had to offer 1366×768 pixels for the 11-inch model and 1440×900 for the 13-inch version.

The MacBook Air 2016 will have 4GB of RAM and 128GB Solid State Drive for internal storage for the base model, the VC Post added, but upgrades can have up to 8GB of RAM and 512GB SSD, with a Core i7 CPU.

Christian Today said that the MacBook Air 2016 will come be offered in 13-inch and 15-inch variants, slightly bigger versions than the 2015 models, and will also be equipped with Intel’s Skylake processors. The article also revealed that the next MacBook Air will have a reversible Type-C USB port.