MacBook Air 2016 release date rumors: laptop canceled after a series of subtle tweaks during its eight-year term


Apple fans are on the verge of being convinced of speculations that the company will be canceling the MacBook Air franchise after a series of ho-hum revamps during its eight-year stint.

Having said that, the California-based consumer electronics provider is now reported to be betting more on their other notebook lineup, the MacBook Pro. It can be recalled that avid MacBook users speculated that a new version of the notebook will be dished out as several stores of the company including partner retailers around the country have given away massive price reductions on specific versions of the MacBook Pro, and there are some who even pulled out other MacBook Pro variants with features that are deemed outdated.

As mentioned earlier, Apple seems to be losing interest on the MacBook Air and it is very much evident with the updates the company has done with the left-out notebook over the years. Way back in March of this year, Apple made some rather minimal refinements onto the notebook by fusing it with a Broadwell processor. However, it was also during that time that the much newer Skylake chipset was released. In addition, the company also upgraded its visuals to a high-definition Intel 6000 graphics processing unit (GPU) together with Thunderbolt 2 connectivity. Lastly, in just merely a month, the 13-inch variant of the notebook was given an 8 GB random access memory (RAM) upgrade and nothing was heard from Apple about another update for the MacBook Air.

Meanwhile, Apple’s other notebook, the MacBook Pro is more likely to continue the legacy of the rumored to be chopped off MacBook Air since there are reports suggesting that the next MacBook Pro will be thinner just like its Air counterpart. As previously reported, the upcoming notebook might be finally lodged with an OLED touch bar and digital assistant Siri, which was once exclusive to iPhone smartphones.

Albeit the tons of rumors that are coming out about the gloomy fate of the MacBook Air, there are still some who expecting to see a MacBook Air at Apple’s upcoming September event.