MacBook Air 2016 release date rumors: Apple may have decided to end Air lineup


Apple fans are already in the know that the famous tech vendor of high-priced tech devices is about to unveil next month its latest lineup of top-end hardware. Rumors are quite rampant though that Apple might be putting an end to one of its well-known notebook lineups, the MacBook Air.

Previous reports have suggested that the company may be canceling the MacBook Air, as well as the whole Air roster, due to very subtle updates made with the product line which garnered unfavorable reviews from users and technology connoisseurs. In addition, it is said that Apple could be putting more focus on the equally rumored MacBook Pro 2016.

Furthermore, the MacBook Air can be considered as a forgotten member of Apple’s list of devices in terms of the number of updates made to it. In fact, March 2015 was the last time that the notebook received a new update, which users hardly felt because it only entailed a slight bump in added specs.

The MacBook Pro, on the other hand, has had most of the hype lately with reports suggesting that it will bear impressive features together with a not so impressive price. Rumors began spinning about a MacBook Pro in the works when numerous stores of the company including some of it affiliate retailers started offering huge discounts on MacBook Pro’s previous renders. Moreover, there were even some who withdrew earlier models of the MacBook Pro since they were already classified as outdated.

Apple has remained mum about upcoming MacBook Pro’s specs, but one of the much talked about features that the notebook might have is the revolutionary OLED touch bar that can be customized with the user’s frequently used programs, apps and whatnot. The notebook might also have digital assistant Siri, which was first preinstalled with the company’s iPhones. Furthermore, there are also theories of a MacBook Pro without the audio jack connector and will be swapped with wireless ear pods which is what is also rumored for the looming iPhone 7.

Now that it’s quite evident that Apple has already lost interest with the MacBook Air, avid followers are now expecting that the next MacBook Pro will outshine whatever the MacBook Air had offered in the past.