MacBook Air 2016 release date, specs rumors: Apple may launch ultra-thin notebook on October 27


A couple of weeks back, IHS Markit Technology’s Rhoda Alexander told Forbes that Apple might unveil the new MacBook Air this month. Now, it looks like the prediction might come true because Apple has been making some moves that seem to indicate that an announcement is imminent.

9to5Mac thinks that Apple may announce a keynote event to be held on Oct. 27. Apparently, Apple moved the date of its quarterly earnings call two days forward. The last time they did something like this, the tech company shared the reason for the move. However, this time, Apple is keeping the lid closed. The publication says the only viable reason for moving the conference call is because an event is planned for that day.

Microsoft has officially confirmed that they are going to host a media event on Oct. 26. Is Apple looking for a way to counter their rival’s announcements? 9to5Mac pointed out that Apple may have moved the earnings call to an earlier date because they don’t want their event to be overshadowed by what look like reports of disappointing iPhone sales.

As for the new MacBook Air’s specs, sources say the device may be equipped with a Retina display and USB Type-C ports, and it may have Touch ID support as well. Meanwhile, insiders are still debating whether Apple will equip a sixth-generation Intel Skylake processor on the device or a seventh-generation Kaby Lake processor.

According to Alexander, the new laptop will come out with a Skylake chipset since the Kaby Lake was not yet available when the MacBook Air 2016 went into production.

Reports also say the new MacBook Air may have an organic light-emitting diode (OLED) touch bar in place of the function keys. The 13-inch MacBook Air is allegedly going to be priced at around $980, while the 15-inch model will cost around $1,100.

As of this moment, readers are advised to take everything with a grain of salt because Apple has yet to announce that they are developing a new MacBook Air.