MacBook Air 2016 release date, specs: Notebook in production, could be out later this year


It seems that Apple fans are placing their bets on an October window as the most probable time that the company will finally be unveiling other devices that were not spotted at last month’s reveal, one of which is the rumored to be defunct MacBook Air. Reports say that the ultrathin notebook will coincide with the top-end MacBook Pro and Apple’s all-in-one desktop, the iMac.

Many are now speculating that the upcoming make of the MacBook Air could be launched later this month as it was stated by Rhoda Alexander, director of Tablet and Notebook PCs at IHS Markit Technology. The analyst explained to Forbes that Apple has started production on the latest renders of both the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro and they are estimated to arrive before the year ends.

With that said, tech aficionados are now expecting that the upcoming iterations of the notebooks could still be carrying the Skylake processor that is contrary to previous reports of a Kaby Lake-powered MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. For the uninitiated, Intel’s latest chipset won’t be manufactured until the latter part of 2016 making the abovementioned theory quite viable.

Meanwhile, rumors also have it that Apple could be tapping Advanced Micro Devices’ (AMD) graphics coprocessors. In addition, the slim laptop could be paired with a specialized pen that is said to be a very versatile piece of accessory as it will have many other functionalities apart from writing-focused tasks.

It’s also speculated that the notebook is likely to don a more slender profile, larger battery capacity, a generous amount of random access memory (RAM), and the USB Type-C hub which is not included in the current render of the notebook.

As of late, a definite date for Apple’s event is still undisclosed by the company. However, the rumored upcoming keynote could be taking place later this month.