MacBook Air 2016 release date, specs: new devices from Apple could be laptop's replacement


The Apple MacBook Air 2016 is coming and fans of the new-generation laptop are more than optimistic in believing so. But with a long wait and the fact that Apple has not even mentioned it in any of the major technology events and conferences it took part this year, that optimism could very well shrink as the year nears its end.

According to MacWorld, the latest unveiling of several Apple products that come with almost the same specifications, functionality, and features may mean that Apple has finally decided to abandon the development and production of the MacBook Air lineup. The publication cited tech blogger Jack March as saying that he knows of a source inside the company who in turn told him about the legitimate plan of abandoning the MacBook Air as well as its tablet computer counterpart, the iPad Air.

Per GameNGuide, one good reason why there no longer will be a MacBook Air is because Apple is putting its focus on marketing and selling the iPad Pro Mini, which several pundits consider as the would-be replacement for the laptop.

Nonetheless, those who are advocating the existence and eventual release of the MacBook Air 2016 just won’t give up without a fight. According to these proponents, the laptop is already geared up for a release, either this year or in early 2017, and that the product is indeed equipped with several new features that were rumored in the past several months. These features reportedly include USB-C connectivity, the Touch ID sensor, and an upgraded trackpad.

Even though a lot of people were under the impression that the MacBook Air 2016 would be part of Apple’s September release of products, Apple never gave in to the clamor, probably because the laptop was still being developed at that point or maybe it never was in the Cupertino-based company’s plans in the first place.