MacBook Air 2016 release date, specs: release date still uncertain for device that may come with Skylake processors, wireless charging and better Retina display


Speculations about the latest Apple laptop, the Macbook Air 2016, are running wild even though the Cupertino-based tech giant has not released official specifications.

Christian Today speculated that the Macbook Air 2016 will be equipped with the brand-new Intel Core-M Skylake processor, the successor to the Broadwell chips used in previous models. The website said that the new processors will make the Macbook Air 2016 more powerful than its predecessor.

The Macbook Air 2016 will also reportedly have a slimmer design than the 2015 version, Christian Today noted.

Breathecast, on the other hand, said that the Macbook Air 2016 is like to feature a Retina display with a higher resolution, and could be offered in 13-inch and 15-inch variants.

Retina display is Apple’s new technology for its devices’ display screens. Apple states that devices with Retina display will improve users’ viewing experience by reducing glare, providing a 178-degree wide viewing angle and outputting richer and more vibrant colors.

Breathecast’s report also speculated that the Macbook Air 2016 will could include the reversible Type USB-C port.

PC Mag noted that the USB-C Port will have both Lightning and MagSafe features.

The Venture Capital Post also theorized that the use of the new Skylake processors could make wireless charging possible for the Macbook Air 2016.

MacRumors had earlier reported that Apple had taken steps to research wireless charging, particularly for the Apple Watch, but abandoned the technology in favor of a “MagSafe-style” option for the device.

The release date also remains a mystery as well.

If the Macbook Air 2016 is to be equipped with the Skylake processor, Ecumenical News said, a release date within this year is not likely because the new processors will only be released at the end of this year as reported by PC World in February.

However, the Master Herald expects an announcement by October this year with the release date around March next year, similar to the schedule followed with the current model of the Macbook Air.