MacBook Air 2016 release date, latest rumors: Air series could give way for new MacBook Pro


If it really is true that the Apple MacBook Air 2016 isn’t happening, then why is it that everyone can’t stop talking about it? Well, it’s hard to argue against those who still believe it’ll be announced because the notebook is a well-liked and affordable option compared to the MacBook Pro series. And quite interestingly, the reason why Apple may no longer be building it is because it is bent on promoting the new generation MacBook Pro.

One of the many rumors about the cancellation of the MacBook Air 2016 is that Apple took so long to give it an update, which in return forced the company to just lay it like that and hope it’ll just fall into oblivion in favor of its cousins, the MacBook Retina and the 13-inch variant of the MacBook Pro.

There could also be the possibility, according to a report, that the MacBook Air series is merely stepping aside for the moment to give the limelight to other products that Apple is planning on releasing this year. Admittedly, there is some sense to this speculation since Apple is quite busy as of late, thanks to the expected launch of several products, including the second-generation Apple Watch, the iPhone 7 and the MacBook Pro 2016.

With all those devices lined up and confirmed for launch, it’s hard to fathom where the MacBook Air series will be placed, which is why it makes sense if, at least for now, it’ll give way to the others. Nonetheless, it still does not deny the fact that the increased publicity and hype of this year’s edition of the MacBook Pro is making the MacBook Air 2016 more of a useless product.

Anyway, there are still several months left before the year ends and knowing Apple, pulling off a surprise is in itself no longer a surprise.