MacBook Air 2016 release date: Apple\'s shuffling of schedules suggest launch event on October 27


Since new rumors of a brand-new MacBook Air have been getting a formidable backup with insiders claiming that its release date will be sometime this month, a slew of new theories have started popping up online discussing the upcoming laptop.

Truly, the conversation about the supposed MacBook Air 2016 has never really died. The topic just shifted from specs rumors to dissecting whether Apple is really trying to kill the line starting with the iPad Air. It can be remembered that earlier this year, fans were highly expecting that the third iteration of the tablet would make its grand debut during the company’s March event. Unfortunately, instead of the said device, the iPad Pro 9.7 was introduced.

In the months that followed, many tech buffs noted that Apple was seemingly trying to quietly remove the Air lineup from its roster of products. But fans have been persistent in scouring the internet hoping to find any indication that the Cupertino-based company is just waiting for the right time to launch a refreshed device from the category.

Now, with rampant speculations that Apple is holding an event sometime in the last week of October, many fans are piecing rumors together and coming to the conclusion that the latest Air laptop will finally make an appearance. In the same boat as the aforementioned device is the MacBook Pro 2016, as both laptops are said to be seeing the light of day side by side.

Supplementary news narrows down the tipped date for the Apple occasion. Originally pitched for Oct. 24, now, reports are claiming that an event on Oct. 27 is more feasible. The rumor is grounded on Apple’s very rare rescheduling of their quarterly earnings call which was supposed to be on the said date but was moved two days earlier. The tech giant cited a conflict in their timetable as the reason for the change in their plans.

It has been more than a year since the last overhaul for the laptop with fans originally hoping for a model with Retina display. Since that did not come to fruition, loyalists are once again pining that the feature will finally make its debut on the laptop.