MacBook Air 2016 news: Apple releases update; point to possible lineup phase-out?


Apple quietly updates the MacBook Air Lineup with a slight improvement on the laptop’s 13-inch iteration.

The device received an upgrade from its company making the 8GB RAM a standard for all existing models. It can be remembered that when the aforementioned gadget was launched, it came with only 4GB RAM on all variations. The slightly smaller 11-inch laptop, on the other hand, will remain to have the standard 4GB RAM.

The newest upholstered MacBook Air will only be sold from Apple Stores, giving it limited scope in terms of target demographics. The tiny tweak rolled out by the Cupertino-based company may either mean that a newer version of the laptop will soon drop or the lineup will be scrapped altogether. Over the past months, numerous speculations have been rampant on when the next gen MacBook Air will be launched, but still no official update on the matter was released.

Previously, the new MacBook Air was touted to see the light of day during Apple’s low-key event back in March, but no MacBook Air was presented during the occasion. Thereafter, rumors continue to circulate, and they have only intensified proving the anticipation on the device.

While the update is a welcome upgrade for loyal MacBook Air users, it did not help that it dropped the same time that Apple granted the MacBook a huge boost in power and a new color option.

MacWorld is leaning towards the possibility that Apple is readying to pull the plug on the Air lineup. The article cited Tech blogger’s Jack March claims that a reliable tipster revealed that the existing lineup will soon be obsolete. “I think it’s pretty obvious at this point that Apple will never release a new product with the ‘Air’ branding again,” March wrote. “It was a very niche and expensive product, only for people with the primary priority of portability. In 2016 where nearly all products from Apple and competitors are thin and light Apple’s distinction of ‘Air’ is redundant,” he continued explaining.

The iPad Air’s family getting nixed last month is a strong point for the argument. As previously reported, instead of launching an iPad Air 3, Apple dropped the new iPad mini Pro which has taken over iPad Air 3’s spot in the company’s products roster.

As of now, nothing yet is official as Apple has kept its silence be it on the release of a next-gen MacBook Air or the speculated phasing out of its family.