MacBook Air 2016 features: device tipped to have overhauled features, including processor and retina display


The newest version of MacBook Air is rumored to come with all new specifications, features, power, and is “worth the wait.”

As Intel has unveiled its Skylake processor last Tuesday to its fans, MacRumors just published their forecast of what will most likely be used in the next MacBook Air laptops. It said that the 2.3 GHz i5 6200U and the 2.4GHz i5-6300U chips are fit for the lower-end MacBook Air line-up while its 2.5GHz i7-6500U and the 2.6GHz i7-6600U are appropriate for the higher-end model. All chips are at Intel HD 520 graphics, a simplified naming convention from Intel, and referring to its latest chipset, succeeding Core i5-5200U that features the HD Graphics 5500 iGPU. MacRumors added that these new chipsets are expected to boost CPU performance at around 10% to 20% compared to its previous chipset, along with lower power consumption, better graphics, and an energy efficiency that can extend battery life to up to 30% longer.

In addition to this, Neurogadgets indicate from Android Origins that the 2016 MacBook Air will also include Force Touch input, a technology which can decipher soft and hard taps on touch screens similar to technology for Apple Watch and MacBook Pro.

GottaBe Mobile advises that fans should wait for MacBook Air 2016 instead of opting for the current ones in the market given that the 2016 model is a sure-shot for major overhauls. Initially launched seven years ago, MacBook Air has not undergone major changes since. Instead, it has just launched a “new” MacBook that weighs 2 pounds and is just 13.1mm thin at the thickest point recently, which serves as somewhat of a hybrid of the Air model and MacBook features because of its lower specifications. With this, the American giant is expected to launch an “Air” that enhances its processor and build in the retina display feature similar to iPads and other Apple gadgets.

No official statement or comment has come from Apple yet. Until then, we will keep you posted with updates and news.