MacBook Air 2016 release date update: Apple to phase out Air product line?


It has been a year since Apple released a new MacBook Air, and tech watchers are waiting to see whether the Cupertino-based company will introduce a new model to add to its Air product line sometime this year. However, recent rumors claim that the tech giant might choose to phase out its MacBook Air products and focus on the MacBook and MacBook Pro instead.

BGR reports that while many have seen leaks hinting at a new MacBook Pro, a new Apple Watch, and even the new iPhone 7, there has not been even a single render of a MacBook Air online. The website claims that the MacBook Air is slowly being phased out as it hasn’t been properly updated in years. The 11-inch MacBook Air is said to have been usurped by the new Retina MacBook, while the 13-inch version is so close in price and has an inferior display compared to the 13-inch MacBook Pro that consumers are said to be opting for the latter.

However, there is still hope that new MacBook Air models will come out as rumors claim that the next-generation laptops will include a 15-inch version. It was also said that the 11-inch version will be retired in favor of the larger model.

It is predicted that there will be a significant refresh of the Air line in 2016, with claims that the laptops will have Touch ID fingerprint recognition, as well as the addition of Siri. The new MacBook Air laptops are expected to be thinner and lighter than current models, equipped with new batteries, cooling systems, Intel Skylake processors and USB-C ports. It is also suggested that the iPad Pro’s Apple Pencil may soon be revamped to make it compatible with the MacBook Air.

As for the price, the 13-inch MacBook Air is estimated to cost $980, while the 15-inch model is said to cost around $1,100. The new laptops are expected to be announced sometime this fall by Apple.